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Southside Swim League:

  • Provides structure and support for dual swim meet
    Competition and championship meet for the 7 teams
    in the league
  • Provides training for officials
  • Evaluates current procedures and updates as necessary


  • Get the swimmers to practice regularly
  • Reinforce skills outside of practice
  • Encourage swimmers to do their best
  • Set a good example of sportsmanship
  • Support the coaches; never criticize them in public; if there is a problem, consult with them privately
  • Keep a record of swimmers’ times


  • Encourage swimmers to do their best
  • Set individual expectations
  • Organize appropriate practice sessions
  • Plan meet strategy
  • Teach correct swim techniques
  • Offer constructive criticism as needed
  • Keep accurate team records


  • Attend practice regularly
  • Practice on his/her own time as needed
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Set and work toward personal goals
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship
  • Participate in meets
  • Support the SYC team

Swimmers' Eligibility and Sportsmanship Guidelines

Swimmers’ Eligibility

Swimmers eligible for the swim team must show ability and confidence in the water with a willingness to learn.

Pre-team: Children may try out with the approval of the coaching staff. New children will have a two-week trial period, after which the coaching staff will evaluate their performance. At that time, it is up to the coaching staff to decide if the swimmer may continue on the team. If the coaching staff determines that the child is not ready for the team, full refunds will be issued.

Sportsmanship Guidelines


  • Treat opponents with respect; shake hands if appropriate
  • Respect judgment of meet officials; abide by the rules of the meet and display appropriate behavior
  • Cooperate with officials, coaches, and fellow swimmers at all meets
  • Accept seriously the responsibility and privilege of representing the SYC Swim Team; display positive public behavior at all times
  • Live up to the high standard of sportsmanship established by the SYC Swim Team
  • Remember to have fun, but not at the expense of others. Other teams are not “the enemy”; they are fellow competitors

Parents and other fans:

  • Respect the decisions made by swim officials and coaches
  • Be an exemplary role model by positively supporting the team in every manner possible, including content of cheers and signs
  • Respect the fans, coaches, and swimmers of all teams in the league
  • Be a fan, not a fanatic

Swim Officials:

  • Accept role in an unassuming manner. Over-officiating is not acceptable.
  • Maintain confidence and poise.
  • Know rules thoroughly and abide by them.
  • Never exhibit emotions or argue with swimmers or coaches when enforcing rules.