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Dual meets:

Ribbons for dual meets will be awarded for 1st through 6th place for each of the three levels of competition.

The levels are Blue, Red and White (blue being the fastest).

If a swimmer enters a meet at the White level, but swims a red time at the meet, the swimmer will receive the points and ribbon for the White Level for that meet. However, at the next meet, the swimmer must be entered at the Red Level.

Scoring points are awarded to the team as follows:

Individual events:

1st place each level - 5 points
2nd place each level - 3 points
3rd place each level - 1 point

Relay races: (relays are not tiered)

1st place - 7 points

Heat winner ribbons will be awarded to 10 and under swimmers at all meets.


Awards and points are awarded for the top 8 finishers in each individual and relay event. Events for swimmers 10 & under are awarded through 16 places for individual events.

1st – 3rd places All ages - Medals
4th – 8th places 11 & older - Ribbons
4th – 16th places 10 & under - Ribbons

Scoring will be as follows for individual events:

1st - 9 pts
2nd - 7 pts
3rd - 6 pts
4th - 5 pts
5th - 4 pts
6th - 3 pts
7th - 2 pts
8th - 1 pt

Please note relay #28 is at the end of the championship meet rather than in the middle.