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Job Duties Available for Parents at Swim Meets

Announcer: Calls swimmers to the Clerk of Course to pick up their cards. Requires a good, clear voice. Easily trained. Works home meets.

Clerk of Course: Assign swimmers to proper lanes and heats. Usually works with one other person from other team. You also hand out cards to swimmers as they are called to report to the Clerk of Course. There is a system to learn. Can be standing or sitting job, depending on your preference. In charge at home meets; assists with away meets.

Computer Operator: Enters time from entry cards into the computer program, which determines the swimmer standings. Requires training. Works at table away from poolside. Works home meets and assists at away meets.

End of Season Banquet: Help organize the event. Requires organizational skills and creativity, as well as dedicated time and effort.

Head Timer: In addition to timer responsibilities, this timer collects entry cards from swimmers, ensures card matches swimmer on block, and records times from all 3 timers assigned to that lane and makes card available to runner.

Hospitality: Serves beverages to workers. Answers questions and/or provides help as needed. Works home meets.

Mite parent: Requires you to keep track of designated group of 8 year old and under swimmers to make sure they are at the starting block on time and in the correct lane. Work both home and away meets.

Referee: Chief official at the meet. Oversees the Strokes and Turns workers as well as the Starter. This is a very important position and requires training. Usually requires a lot of standing. Works home meets only.

Ribbons: Works at a table near scoring table. Works during meets to complete ribbon information (usually involves putting computer generated labels on ribbons). In charge at home meets; assists with away meets.

Runner: Gathers all entry cards from the timers after each heat is completed and takes them to the scoring table. Requires a great deal of walking. Works home meet only

Scan Judge: Calls the order of the swimmers as they finish each heat. The call of the two sets of Scan Judges actually is the official call unless the two sets of judges do not agree; then scorers use time cards. This is a very important job. Each team provides one set of Scan Judges. Requires sitting. Works away and home meets.

Scorer: Works at table adjacent to Computer Operator. Checks cards delivered by runner to ensure all cards for heat are collected and properly completed. Also checks for accurate completion of DQ (disqualification) cards. Forwards cards to Computer Operator in event and heat order.

Starter: Announces event, calls swimmers to blocks, and starts each heat. Requires training. Works home meets only.

Strokes & Turns Judge: Observes swimmers in the water and watches for illegal starts, strokes, and finishes. This job takes training and experience. Is at times “high stress” and takes a person with a good eye for swimming. Requires standing. Works home and away meets.

Timer: Responsible for proper operation of stopwatch to time each heat for assigned lane. Concentration necessary. Fun way to interact with swimmers. Works home and away meets. Three timers needed per lane. Requires large amount of standing.